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What’s in a name? (WIN a .Vegas domain… with a little creativity)

  • 08/29/14

fizz fuzz font fixedImagine a world where the word “twitter” still meant the sounds little birds make at dawn instead of a way to tell your network what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. Or if “uber” was still a bizarre way to say something was above and beyond, while now it’s nationally — or at least regionally — recognized as a great way to get car service from a smart phone app. It’s incredible how technology and innovation have reshaped how we define common words.

Many great start ups and wildly successful businesses have built brand awareness around a seemingly nonsensical name. Google, Skype, Etsy: they’re all household names now built from seemingly random words or sounds. Companies like Apple took a simple word, inspired by Steve Jobs trip to a fruit farm, and turned it into a synonym for technology.

So, are you ready to be a success story built around a clever name? What would you do with fizz.vegas or fuzz.vegas? Tell us all about it and you could win one year of free registration for the domain name from our partners at 1&1.

Here’s how to enter!

Click here for complete contest rules

Question: What would YOU do with either of these .Vegas domain names?

•            Fizz.vegas

•            Fuzz.vegas

Answer: Come up with a business idea! Think about it. Be creative. Be original. Send us your plan for either name (or both if you’re feeling extra ambitious).

At the end of the contest period we will pick the best two plans and award the names to the winner(s). Winners will also receive one year of free registration, courtesy of our friends at 1&1 Internet Inc.  To be eligible, a contest participant must comply with the rules described hereafter.

Good luck!

-The .Vegas team