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Meet: Tim “Sky” Trevino, CTO/CIO

  • 06/26/14

DOTVegas_SkyTrevino_060614_006What drew me to the domain name field:
From a technical perspective, there are so many unique and rewarding challenges to confront, and so many ways to be creative with the product.  From a business perspective, domain names are like real-estate composed of electrons instead of brick and mortar. It is fascinating to me to watch entrepreneurs purchase an address and build it into a thriving business, or sell it for a multiple of what they purchased it for.

Why I love what I do:
With the influx of new gTLDs being delegated, there are so many new technical challenges.  Finding creative solutions and watching them become a reality is very rewarding.

A personal achievement I am proud of:  During my time at Enic I was on the team that pioneered multi-lingual domain names using the .cc extension. We were the first registry to go live with functional multi-lingual domain names, allowing domain names to be registered in Chinese and Japanese character sets.

My .Vegas domain would be…  I love breakfast restaurants and would love to start compiling a comprehensive, user-reviewed list of all of the amazing breakfast restaurants in Las Vegas.

A fact about me:
I have 2 young boys and a baby girl.  When I’m not at the office, I am playing with my kids. Whether it’s playing at the park, searching for treasure in the backyard, or firing off model rockets, they are my daily entertainment.