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The new generic top level domains: they’re coming!

  • 04/17/14

New gTLD’s have trickled onto the internet slowly but steadily over the last 30 years, but nothing has come close to the sheer number of new domains that will be hitting the market in the coming months. You’re used to having a few dozen (already saturated) options when it comes to selecting ‘what comes after […]

Meet Tyson Mackay, Dot Vegas, Inc. Marketing Director

  • 04/04/14

What drew me to the domain name field: I was amazed at the creativity and ability for domain portfolio owners to monetize addresses. There is an entire market of virtual real estate. Why I love what I do: Our work at Dot Vegas, Inc. can be creative and outside the box. We aren’t constrained by […]

gTLD Clever – Use your URL to build brand recognition

  • 03/19/14

We present to you a fresh opportunity for brand building – and room for a little creative license. In a sea of URL’s that have become increasingly long in order to obtain the .com at the end, the addition of new specific domain extensions will make finding your perfect web address a lot easier. The […]