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.Vegas to Release Previously Blocked Names

  • 06/25/19

  Dot Vegas Inc it pleased to announce that it will be releasing previously blocked names starting on August 1st 2019. In an ongoing effort to increase awareness and usage of .vegas domain names, Dot Vegas will be releasing around 2,200 names that were not previously available. Since these names have not be available before […]

Rising Star! Kate Gelbart

  • 08/10/17

  Intern for Las Vegas Women’s Magazine, concert photographer for bands like Blink-182, Art Tech photographer for Life is Beautiful, model and cosmetologist… all before high school graduation. While some teenagers are perusing Buzzfeed in their free time (which everyone is guilty of), Kate Gelbart was busy building out a portfolio and establishing her career. […]

.Vegas Releases Single and Two Character Domains

  • 07/21/17

Single and Two Character .Vegas Domain Launch  Dot Vegas Inc is proud to announce that it has released its single and double character names.  Now for the first viagra prezzo time people can register names like,,,, or whatever peaks their interest. Please check with your registrar for availability and pricing. We […]