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Breaking It Down: Restricted versus Unrestricted

  • 05/21/14

Everything has rules, right? Right. The new generic top level domains are no different. Every gTLD has a set of rules that govern who can or can’t register a web address using that particular domain extension. But some rules are stricter than others. The geographic top level domains, like .London and .NYC are excellent examples. […]

Think .Vegas

  • 05/14/14

Meet V, she’s a barista, a mom and an auntie, and she could use a nap. When we asked her what .Vegas domain she was thinking of, she went with And why not? Wouldn’t it be great to find out what other moms in Vegas are up to? Maybe connect with other people in […]

Dot Vegas on KNPR State of Nevada

  • 05/05/14

In September 2013 Dot Vegas, Inc. CFO Dustin Trevino sat down with the State of Nevada on KNPR. Dusty and former show host Dave Berns discuss the new top level domains hitting the global marketplace this year. Berns and Trevino also go over specifics about the .Vegas domain, their public-private partnership with the City of […]